A Hike in the Mountains & Orange Flavored Sauna Treat


This morning we took a little hike to the original site of the water in the mountains. The “source” We passed by the waterfall called Venus ‘s hair which really has that stringy, kinky soft quality of the Botticelli painting. Today it is colder and more cloudy so I think I will spend some time and write and read in one of the many fireplace rooms that are scattered around the hotel after our morning treatments. I am skipping lunch so we can stuff ourselves tonight at an Agrotourisma which is a residential home that opens it’s doors to tourists to offer them home cooked meal with local ingredients.

Today we were treated to the orange, anise, clove and cinnamon version of the sauna. My friend Tama and I will have to discuss a secret way of introducing this process to our spa evenings back at the Bay Club Marin. Each woman who does the towel flap thing has a different approach but the results are the same. As the steam rises, the flick of the towel depending on the velocity will inflict an intense wave of heat and smell. The water is saturated with whatever herb they are using that day. Today was very invigorating because it was the Eucalyptus. By the third round of water soak, helicopter towel spin and three towel flaps, I am pretty cooked and head out for the cold shower. However,because it was so energizing and we had two other people in the room with us, we all went to the bathtub full of cold water. Myself and the other women jumped in, then Carlo and well, the third guy, he took pictures.
Afterwards, we also did a little photo shoot in the hot cold walking pool. A little reflexology that stimulates the feet by walking on rocks embedded in the cement . We start walking counter clockwise in the hot water path and then rounding the corner to enter the cold water path. It totally tingles the chins and calves which lack any “valving” mechanism to help circulation. My Yoga Therapy education comes in handy for these high tech medical explanations. This is a very invigorating process. Of course, no spa session would be complete without the daily submerging into the mud.
By now, I am a bit of a super saturated solution, if you know what I mean. However, my skin is flaking off into a new smooth former self of some kind. We have scheduled a facial for this afternoon which I am looking forward to and then to some home cooked meals. Can you tell I am falling in love with food?


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