Arriving in Milan through Verona in the rain(bow)

Ahh, back in Italy and Carlo is mowing the lawn. A bit nostalgic for the life of the 60,s which is when this house was built. Enjoying the sights, smells and beauty which is all Italy. the smells especially. Air, earth, produce. OMG.

pastryHad my first Italian pastry which was heavenly. Women are beautiful and always look smartly dressed. Even the people who do the garbage have dignity in their dress and style. What happened to us ugly Americans? How did we get sucked into the fast food cultural escape?

pastry-goneAnyway. Just chillin. We will go and hike the dolomites this afternoon since it will not be raining. More rain expected ( which is why the grass cutting….so much like my dad, gloves and special shoes and all..the “grass cutting uniform”)

I sort of enjoyed Ibiza. I mean in contrast, Italy is more comfortable to me. The hotel was grand but still a little too stark for me. The people were really nice, however. I felt very jangly in Ibiza. Apparently it is one of 7 spiritual places in the world. There is this magical rock in the ocean that is inhabited by rats that is very powerful. I will do a little research on that one. I met a woman on the plane who was reading chakra book and we struck up a conversation. She may travel with me to Venice at the end of the week.. I feel much more grounded here in Italy. We drove back from Milan in the rain last night so the arean in Verona will have to wait for another time.

double-rainbowWe did see a double rainbow…two of them. Pretty magical.

I am on Carlos’ PC computer so typing is less convenient on a different italian keyboard. I also do not have as much acess to internet but will find my cafe. Carlo is being a good guide and translator and educator and I am really geting around. It is quite unexpected and cool. Going with the flow. I am excited to finish up my web site but will have to wait until I have acess to internt. I have been doing quite a bit of creative writing and writing for the yoga articles and for a workbook I am helping with. All is well and I picked up my yoga practice two days ago. Up until that point, I think I needed time to decompress. I feel good, powerful, focused and alive. Ready to make a life for myself which will include the beauty of this place.


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