Can you say, “Sardinas?”


Will you look at the size of these things? Carlo had to skin them for me and I have to admit, he ate all of them minus my little bite. I guess as an American I am a little more accustomed to the canned variety.

My fascination with these fishies as food started when my teacher, Sherri, offered me a taste of anchovies, sans lettuce, one fateful afternoon outside Stress Management Center of Marin where we were back to back teaching. “Sure”, I said, not knowing what inner mouth catastrophe awaited me. “Yeeechhhhh” was the only thing I could gag up. How could she consume such grossness? ” Good brain food and light on the stomach between classes”, she chirped. Well, that may be the case and brain food is a definite on my nutritional list but the salty taste of fungus coating the underbelly of a bloated sock had no appeal

Enter Sardines.

Now, here was an alternative taste complete with Omega 3’s. These fishies came in all sorts of varieties-soaked in olive oil, basil, pesto, covered in tomatoes….and more. I decided to try this option one afternoon during a busy sales day in the Interior design Center. It was too busy for a Starbucks run so a bite of a yummy little fish seemed like just the right “pick me up” . Down it slid with a swallow followed by a breath mint chaser and I was ready to assist my colleague with her design presentation. I sat down to the table with a sweet interruptive smile and as if scripted, all eyes turned to me followed by a pinch of the nose. My face went red and I quietly excused myself to go and brush my teeth. I dared not return and after the sale had completed, my design buddy accused me of dumpster diving when I innocently said it was just sardines. We all laughed and I swore never to eat them in public again, that is until Ibiza. I guess I will continue to be a closet can eater from now on. For more nutritional information on Sardines and other fish click here:______________________


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