What is a peaceful woman? Day-8 Thankgodasana for joy!

July 8, 2010

The inspirational insight of yesterday was, well, inspirational. I felt it today as I walked into a room of 10 yoga students. My heart jumped. The largest class yet since I started two months ago!  I was so inspired to teach and here is what I learned….

Because they gave of themselves, all 10 of them, they inspired me to give back. 10 people and I gifted 2 students with a free class. I say that for no other reason than if 10 had not showed up, it would not have felt so natural to give back.

What they got was  an awesome core class, breath awareness and some delightful insights from their teacher. What I received was satisfaction transformed into peace.

And the peace I am feeling around this abundance is actually transforming into joy. And that, my friends is really who spirit is through me. Call it whatever variation of peaceful you want, in whatever “yoga teacher” package you feel the need to put me or it in…..It all rolls into delight wrapped in a bundle of joy. Today I feel the blessings of my practice and my teachers and Thankgodasana for a sense of humor divinely channeled.

Mahalo, LInda
This is your place. Is this your peace?

Bagni Vecchi Hot Springs: caves for the Yoga Soul

April 23, 2009

mud-bath-out-windowWe have been here in Bormio for at least three days and I am finding it hard to find the words to describe the experience.The hotel is grand, a 5 star choice that we were able to book at half the price which includes breakfast. I feel very much at home. I am discovering the healing properties of anything made from wood under my yoga feet. A very different sensation from the travertine tiles of the previous two weeks. All the floors in the place are wood with the exception of the marble and granite stone work throughout the thermal pools. Somehow it is easier for me to be inspired to do my yoga practice. For those from the Midwest, this hotel reminds me a bit ( small bit) of the Mackinaw hotel only as a destination resort. Bagni di Bormio was renovated in 1836 and much of the origianl paintings are in place, so check out the gallery of photos if you like at


Seriously, look at this place. We did some hiking yesterday to see the old/original spa and today we actually got a ride up the hill in our bathrobes to experience the actual cave. This is the Baggni Vecchi. although not as “spa” like in a western sense, it was cool

The cave was well, a cave. I am not sure how they did this but the steam from the waters creates a natural sauna as well and the seats are carved right into the stone. These Roman baths have been famous from the first century B.C., the Medieval baths, the Imperial baths and the Saint Martin Grotto that leads to one of the springs right in the heart of the mountain.

Carlo did take me the last day there to see the original source of the spring. Just magical!

the scenery from the outside pool is even more beautiful because this hotel is higer up the mountain. enough excitement for one afternoon so we went back down the mountain, had some chocolate and took our afternoon nap

Mud Pie T’ai- Spiritual Detox

April 21, 2009

linda-mudThe mud baths were my favorite ritual. First, they smell amazing. Like Fresh Cow manure in Iowa only without the smell. What that boils down to is fresh earth. Good and sweet enough to eat. We drank the water and sat in the mud. heavenly therapeutic. And how is this for a definition of beauty…..
The Hot Springs of Bormio (from 37° to 43° C – 99° F to 109° F) are chemically classifiable as including sulphate, alkaline and earth, with light traces of radon and have detoxifying, anti-stress, toning, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties for a complete return to form. And to return to form, does that mean pre-birth? or pre-form like the aliens that Carlo and I really are? We did notice the complete epithelial exfoliation which renders the skin smooth and velvet-like. Whether they cured the mud like they cure their ham, doesn’t matter. It was awesome and the combination of smooth silk and smooth dry…well, I couldn’t tell the difference.
The mud is also used to help treat osteoarthrosis, rheumatism, periarthritis, back and joint aches and pains where there is no inflammation. The muds are famous for there active enzymes that eat away dead skin cells. Aside from the fact that the color of the mud was very complimentary to my eyes and I wore it well, I do feel and look about 10 years younger. The options are to soak in the mud water, bake in the sun or air dry. It was far too cold to air dry so after covering myself head to toe in mud, I stepped into the one of two outdoor saunas. Fortunately there were few people there since it was the beginning of the week. It was not very hot and so to get closer to the fan I had to stand up and dry. well, I thought, as long as I was standing up to air dry, I might as well do some movement like…you guessed it. Tai Chi Chih. IT was incredible! I have a new definition of moving through very heavy air! How about bringing awareness to the tantien as the mud crackles in your belly button as it dries and cakes! It was pretty comical. No one was there and I moved as the mud dried. I looked like a swamp monster out of the deep lagoon, covered in mud with a polka dot two piece peeking underneath. When one has found “serenity in the midst of activity”, who cares how muddy it is! A few people paused at the door and then came in. Somehow, I imagined that if I could not speak the language, they couldn’t really see me. Just like a kid “if I cant see you, you can’t see me”!. Now that’s funny.

Fortunately, Carlo chose to keep his dignity and stayed in the mud until we both had had enough of our skin being eaten away and we rinsed off and traveled to the next pool to relax in the lawn chairs submerged underwater. ( wouldn’t that make them pool chairs?)

What is The Baptiste Method of Yoga?

April 8, 2009

yellow-flowerThe purpose of this dynamic system of mind/body fitness is to stretch, strengthen and purify the muscles of your mind as well as those of your body. The class is based on a series of traditional time-tested Hatha Yoga postures [asanas] held in accurate alignment, giving full range of motion of muscles, bones and joints, as well as learning to develop and control a deeper breathing pattern. The Baptiste Method of Yoga, a system developed over many years, includes not only Hatha Yoga, but a variety of old and new skills for accessing and sustaining mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

With Your commitment, this system delivers change and you will discover greater energy vitality, and vigor. class is energetic and active yet suited to all levels of personal fitness. You will learn to work within whatever level of proficiency you bring. The main thrust of this class is to bring about a transformation of the physical body. Through inspiration, perspiration and hard work, we relieve stress, sculpt muscles develop flexible, supple bodies and inspire a greater sense of calm.

Yoga is the gym for your spirit….the perfect counterbalance for stress.

What is Viniyoga?

April 8, 2009


Viniyoga ™ (prefixes vi and ni plus yoga) is an ancient Sanskrit term that implies differentiation, adaptation, and appropriate application.

The practices of Yoga provide the means to bring out the best in each practitioner. This requires an understanding of a person’s present condition, personal potential, appropriate goals and the means available. Just as every person is different, these aspects will vary with each individual.

The American Viniyoga ™ Institute uses the term Viniyoga ™ to refer to an approach to Yoga that adapts the various means and methods of practice to the unique condition, needs and interests of each individual – giving each practitioner the tools to individualize and actualize the process of self-discovery and personal transformation.

This approach to yoga evolved out of the teachings transmitted by T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar of Madras, India.

For more information about the Viniyoga ™ http://www.viniyoga.com