Everybody has to deal…

…with a new day.  This came out of my moms mouth today after briefly discussing, my fathers health condition. More specifically, the condition of his colon and chronic constipation (I know, pops, TMI, my apologies). And, mom, you are spot on in your 84 year old wisdom about the connection with mind, body and spirit.

We all have to “deal” with our own existence or survival on a daily basis.  Some of us do it unconsciously, by default  with worry. Others create a more conscious, awareness practice.  One popular option is a Coffee and Donut or the up-trend to a Latte and Scone. Another option is some other morning ritual that quiets the mind and brings about a state of contemplation.  As my friend, Jennifer says, ” none of us gets out of this life time alive”.  That being TRUE, what wakes you up in the morning as you deal with each new day?

This is not  just a mental or emotional inquiry but also a question for the energetic part of our being.  This energetic area specifically associated with survival issues is often called the first cakra in ancient texts and is located around the physical body at the base of the spine.  I have consistently pondered this question for as long as I can remember with a mind that “thinks too much” and even more so in the last 5 years as that same mind has turned itself inside out. I have created practices to support my body with asana and quiet my mind through breath and now I am inspired to fortify and give reason for my own existence through an energetic practice. I am inspired to include the first Cakra as well as  the power of chant and intention through the apana prana energy,of the five winds of prana.

My intention is not to go into the practices here but to direct your mind to the inquiry and then if you decide you want to further explore the notion of your existance, through intention and chant, please feel free to download the video on the winds of change and the accompanying pdf booklet. The purpose of this blog is to leave you with the inquiry and simply see where it resonates in your own physical being. I invite you to Journal about it, talk about it and maybe even watch a powerful portion of a video I just viewed about healing cancer with althernative and conventional therapies, called Cancer Quest.  This particular snippet brought tears of inspiration to my eyes because I am all too familiar with losing someone I loved to cancer.  I am very clear it was by his choice and  that leaves me to ponder my own choice. What wakes me up in the morning?

What is your choice?  I like to tug the mind a bit and ask it a little differently under the notion that Yoga CAN cure that which keeps us separate from our optimal health and wellness connection. What would Yoga do now? Invite the inquiry after your own practice and live in that question.

I look forward to your comments about your reasons to wake up in the morning allowing you to “deal” with each new day.  Thanks to my mom and dad for inspiring me to share the journey of the question and for all those who have come before me to share their wisdom.



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