From mainland to the Mount….Madonna

Hi everyone,

It’s Saturday and I have no one to call and no kids to keep track of and no boyfriend or husband to wait for, no trash to take out…there is a sense of freedom in all that. I seem to be craving quiet since arriving, after almost three years on Maui, and Mount Madonna is the perfect transitional place here in the Santa Cruz Mountains to come for that. However, I certainly feel like a stranger in a strange land, leaving the magical thinking island of Maui… and it feels OK. I am here and my boxes are en route either by boat or plane to the magical land on the Bay. Odd.

I am creating a new life. I have not really recognized that until this very moment. I have been going through the process of creating a new business,, new website, new partnerships, etc over the last year but this recognition is different. Weird and delicious at the same time. I feel so good about taking the time and even the money risk..( on the edge with that one, still)…to invest in this Viniyoga Yoga Therapy training and have created a yummy lifestyle where I actually can commit to my practice and become passionately excellent at something that is meaningful and connects people with their health, creativity and essence. Few distractions at this point.

That means, I get my clinic hours in, my homework finished, sleep enough, eat green things and connect with all the perfect people, feeling confident and competent that I am on my “way”. I even get to study and enjoy it. Starting new with grey hair ( in all the right places) and wrinkles ( not just acne scars, now) and an inflamed sacroiliac joint, menopausal symptoms and a sense of Peace that it just doesn’t all have to get too serious. I have a pretty healthy view of death—no one gets out of this alive— and an objective view of illness—we are not our illness-–. And more and more the ancient teaching of the Vedas brings a spiritual, grounded understanding of this magical thing called LIFE.

We have been “in session” since Monday from 6:45 am for asana practice to 7:45 pm finish with clinical assessment, sprinkled with meals, meditation and philosophical study in application to yoga as therapy. This stuff really works. The last week has flown by and my brain is uber stimulated in a very good way. I love learning about observation, movement and the application of skills for treatment for the structural issues of the sacrum, hip, low back and all the connecting parts. The pelvis is one big traffic pattern and a quagmire of potential congestion. Gary calls it a roundabout like the Champs Elysee or the one in England. With all that goes around there, eventually there is an accident. I am studying to be the one that can actually make a little sense and provide relief to those people who eventually experience some form of “accident”. I actually feel smart which is something that has eluded me since I started in this training in 2005. Once we finish the pelvis, we will enter the knees, shoulders and more. five more days and then up to the Bay area and generous housesitting opportunities through August. the rest has yet to be created but I am “on my way”
thanks for being a part of it.
much love



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