Linda Prosche’

100_0464Hello and Welcome! My name is Linda Prosche´and thank you for your interest in Yoga. I currently live in beautiful Marin County, CA and I am a work/lifestyle wellness coach and yoga therapist. I create personal retreats and trainings here and on the islands as well as design yoga classes, workshops and private therapy sessions for people in transition, who have health concerns, chronic illness and everyday lifestyle dramas. Together we co-create what I call…the YOGA cure.

Like you, I have a background and story that has brought me to this point in my life. Through many twists and turns I have learned to be empowered  by expressing my “joyful, compassionate and powerful SELF”! ( thank you Spirit of Greatness) and although I have not walked on hot coals, I have been through my own fire. In that experience, I felt a deep connection and healing through the practice of yoga. My personal practice deepened as my burned up “parts” began to heal.

The Story
I offer my story as someone on the path just like you.  At this particular point, I can look back and see pieces falling into the puzzle of my past life which gives me hope and the humility to tell you more.

I have always had gifts as an athlete and have been drawn to express them through art. This pretty much sums up my adolescence as…an “art jock”.

After graduating from college with a degree in advertising design, I took the corporate track and landed “ladder climbing” jobs for the next 20 years. In contrast to the dysfunction of my chosen day to day profession, my body sought balance in the physical and my mind found perspective in the psychological and spiritual. In 1986, a ski accident brought me to my first yoga class at American Medical Associaition headquarters in Chicago and I found myself as a “corpse” on an off-gassing, carpeted boardroom floor. It was here, in the dim haze of bad florescent lighting where I experienced…something. My mind, for the first time, recognized that the only person I was really competing with was myself and I only had my own self judgements to deal with! My mind stopped. That was it.  Stillness.

I drank my practice up and began teaching before I was certified.  In between the demands of an 80 hour work week I finally caught up with myself in 1989 and recieved my first Yoga certification at the Kriya Yoga Temple in Chicago as well as my certificate in T’ai Chi Chih.

After moving to the Bay area in 2001, I decided to “retire” from my advertising profession when the economy “downsized” me from my Creative Director Position. In spite of the perceived loss of identity in the “real”world, this presented the obvious opportunity for me to freelance and begin teaching full time. I was fortunate enough to find a community of teachers in Marin County and became certified in Baptiste Power of Yoga that same year.  I taught until 2006 when I became interested in applying Yoga as a form of healing therapy. I had already been teaching this way for years and it seemed to provide a perfect combination of my gifts.  Half way through my Viniyoga 500 hour teacher training, however, the universe opened up to a bigger training and initiation that changed me forever.

My beloved partner of 17 years was rushed to the ER room one evening and diagnosed with brain cancer, three days after I had taken on my first full time job in 5 years. All energies, collided and the following 18 months were a test in faith and ultimate survival for me as breadwinner, caregiver and holder of an unknown fate that was ultimately death. My yoga practice took a back seat, or so I thought. In actuality, the asana practice wavered and a deeper practice emerged.

In years since Keiths’ passing, I have traversed the many corners of my psyche and heart to find reasons, answers, short cuts and addictions in many flavors to relieve the pain and suffering of grief and loss.  Through all of this, my yoga practice has refused to leave my side. It has been a constant companion, in and out of my awareness and I am grateful for all the kind souls that helped me stay loyal along the way.

I can now say this event was one of the biggest gifts I could have ever received from the universe.  To feel the “thwack” of impermanence and the depth of unconditional love is something others only guess at.  I can look back and see how these experiences have prepared me to navigate my latest transition and morphed me into the teacher and person I am today.

We all have our teachers, experiences and awakenings. I was ready for this, on some level and I allowed myself to accept this initiation as a “free fall” from my egoic, self and identity.  I was compelled on a very deep level to let it all go.  I sold everything, let go of old relationships that no longer served me and over a two year period felt light enough to move myself and 8 boxes to the island of elements and the unavoidable arms of Mother Maui.

Throughout this process, my yoga practice has boldy supported me and also sweetly graced my life.  And it is not over! Part of my husbands’ path through allopathic and homeopathic treatments has given me the experience to navigate the wisdom of my own healing. Yoga was my cure during my island life, along with Aloha ( love, connection) and my beloved Ohana ( community, sangha). When I finally decided to step back into mainland life again, additional adaptive therapies were necessary. I had no idea how challenging it would be or how long it would take to adapt my island, “alien” ways to the mainstream of urban life.  That transition has taken my entire being into new directions.

I no longer teach the way I used to and the presence I carry after almost three years of solitude and hermitage on the volcanic crater attract a different kind of student. My vibration has changed.  My priorities have changed.  All these factors have helped my decision to stay mainland and complete the first Masters program in the expanding profession of Yoga Therapy offered through the Viniyoga Institute Mount Madonna Institute-Ayervedic College,

You see, I believe yoga CAN cure, that which separates us from our wholeness, our SELF and our optimal wellness and contribution. I see it. I have experienced it and I will continue to create personal, adaptive practices to help others find their own “cures”.

We all have a story and I have humbly offered you mine. I had a student last week who dismissed the notion of “service” as a ridiculous reason to continue to teach in an over populated market.  I watched my celebrity wannabe ego get totally tweeked and then took responsibility for my choice. I thought, “Is there something that would be more fulfilling?  At this stage of letting go, what would wake me up in the morning with joy? And more importantly, was their anything else that would matter to my heart?” The answer was clear. I am here to serve.

When things blow apart, what is left?  Well, I am discovering it on a daily basis and others who have experienced me through these transitions have noticed some unique things about me and my teaching.  These are areas where my “geek” shows up. I would say… these are the qualities that make me real and fully human.

Where I “geek” out

I love containers. That would include the human body, of course, but any kind will do, particularly bags. Perhaps it’s the Virgo in my chart? I love to organize, especially closets.  This nerdy behavior also helps me organize thoughts and concepts that I can easily deliver to you in bite-sized, digestible pieces for ease of understanding.

I have a wacky sense of the awareness. I can view an absurd juxtaposition of ideas and concepts and express them easily. This served me very well as a Advertising Creative Director and serves you even deeper when I find a specific part of your body that is not fully communicating with the others. We get them talking and it is usually with a laugh.

I play with words. My best language takes me creatively into your world and then I slip knot the meaning and direct the intention so we both slide into connection. This communication allows you to see things in a different perspective without going into a headstand or brain overwhelm.

It has always has been easy for me to be available and present with people…or so I thought. The quieter I become, the more presence is in my heart and MY work is to listen to the lessons through the deep fissures of pain and unconditional love.  When my heart opens, my vulnerability becomes a strength for others.

I am, in this default, committed to my own spiritual growth.  And by saying this, I connect with you, as a client, student, friend and fellow traveler on the path. Through the reflection of the “other” in relationship, we both raise our vibration, life force, connection and love. And that’s all there is for me…the reflection of the SELF in the world to serve others.

thank you and aloha, Linda