What We Offer


In addition to yoga classes and private yoga therapy, I design workshops, retreats and speak at professional conferences about how Yoga CAN cure as well as ways to create sacred space to fit your individual or group needs.


We offer yoga adventures in unique locations around the world that provide a spiritual “get away” from the habits of your day to day lives. In a 5-star eco-friendly environment you can enjoy your practice without unnecessary distractions. These special retreats allow you to dive deeper into what it means to further connect you to your inner awareness


These three hour or three day workshops help you “get away” into your own personal practice of self inquiry. We often compliment one discipline with another to create a unique personalized workshop. The safe space of the group opens to a shared intention. The strength of the sangha helps to create the momentum to facilitate change in and around this theme. You will find that your path will become more available to you when you have the support of a community. In keeping with that support we continue with weekly or monthly gatherings to help each other live fro that connection.


You can also “get away” without ever leaving your home. Finding the “way” to your inner space is helped by the many applications of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra ( East Indian form of space arrangement) . I have a strong background in Art Direction and Environmental Design to help vision, imagine and create a personal sacred space as individual as you are. For workspaces, home spaces and every other space you have room. I offer one on one consultation as well as parties for 5 or more.

more information on feng shui and vastu in blog entries)



I teach T’ai Chi Chih™ as a moving meditation. This Chi Qong form is a series of 19 gentle movements that stimulate, circulate and balance internal energy. A great compliment to your fitness routine, this “moving meditation” is easy, fun and has extraordinary benefits from increased balance and energy to regulating blood pressure,weight and the prevention of Osteoporosis. “ Less is more “ when you move without effort and the tensions dissolve and are replaced by a relaxed awareness. A great de-stressor for all ages and fitness levels. No special clothing or equipment needed. Just show up and let the magic of the practice begin. www.taichichih.org