Tai Chi Chih- 19 movements one posture

You can open this PDf and print for your own copy or see the 19 movements and one posture below.

19 moves, one posture pdf to print

1. rocking motion  warm up
2. bird flaps it’s wings  warm up
3. around the platter
4. variation platter
5. big base drum
6. daughter on the mountain top
7. daughter in the valley
8. carry the ball to the side
9. push pull
10. pulling in the energy
11. basic taffy
12. anchor taffy
13. wrist circle taffy
14. perpetual motion
15. working the pulley
16. light at the top of the head and light at the temples
17. joyous breath
18. passing clouds
19. healing sounds
ho/heart    hu/spleen    szu/liver
hsu/lungs    hsi/3-heaters    chui/kidneys
20. cosmic consciousness pose
revised 6-26-09