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Experience one of my two or three hour workshops and feel the transformation…
I adore teaching workshops because I can incorporate all the techniques of  yoga that do not fall under the classic “yoga” heading and apply them to LIFE!  especially the therapeutics and individual work. I love co-creating what works for people in the moment within a framework and context that is familiar.

My newest workshop, For my Thursday evening meditation group…smelly oils! 




Learn about women’s health through Essential Oils and join other women discovering how to keep themselves juicy and vibrant…through the season…naturally.
Learn how to:
•manage menopause so you can sleep well, illiminate hot flashes… and say goodbye to
the psycho drama.
•Balance hormones naturally – without hormone replacement or prescription drugs
• The secret to beautiful skin.
• And so much more!!!
And the best part? It’s free (plus attendees will get a free bottle of Wild Orange essential oil)
EXTRA Smelly and Extra YUMMY!
PLEASE RSVP 415-259-8900 for directions


Yoga for beginners Workshop Series
Move Me Studio

Sunday, November 11th 1-3pm

Yoga to De-Stress and  Pre-Luminate your Holidays
Step onto the mat and into the season with this special pre-holiday Yoga practice. This magical flow sequence is designed as preventative medicine for the parties, plans and family fun (?) that lay ahead. Keep your calm and stay balanced with simple stabilizing core poses.  Additional twists support your digestive health and balance postures will keep you mentally calm.  Slowly wind down with a mindful moving meditation of T’ai Chi Chih.  There will be plenty of joy to share and healing oils as gifts available to give and to keep. *Sign up for a FREE Aroma Touch therapy session…a great holiday gift!

Therapy INmotion  Yoga Prescription sequences to relieve the hurt
This is an ongoing four class Yoga workshop series every Thursday morning from 9-10:30.  We cover the full spectrum of body movement and parts, joints and muscles, and pay special attention to your own unique aches and pains. Each series, we have a specific yoga therapy focus and body part. Great for athletes, as well as everyday bodies that move. (To further support your practice I also teach an open class under the same monthly theme every Sunday and all are welcome. Yoga INflow,  Sunday 9-10:15. *sign up online at )

  • November 1,8,15,22 This is part Two of a 12 week series that will get you started on a healthy personal practice of preventive care. NEWCOMERS Welcome! Continue to learn more of how upper and lower back work in unison to provide strength and stability. Who knew it would be so empowering to release chronic pain?* Special THANKSGIVING BONUS! Our last session on Nov. 22nd, we will uncover the digestive, emotional connection to low back health plus, receive your own personal sequence. Class is OPEN to all so bring your FRIENDS and FAMILY (*The Viniyoga approach to the treatment of back health was recently validated in a clinical study sponsored by The National Institutes of Health and is documented in the Annals of Internal Medicine) Cost: $65 for the series. Special Thanksgiving day class is at the drop in rate so reserve now at…it may get crowded!
  • November 29, December 6,13,20
    Continuing back care with Part three of the lower spine based on protocols for the The National Institutes of Health. Your low back not only supports your skeletal structure, but is also the seat of your emotional and energetic stability. We will dig deeper into the cakra-s  with Ayervedic wellness approaches and coaching to help create better lifestyle balance.  End of class meditation in supported back postures will help you feel more grounded and alert.*SPECIAL Ayurvedic Lifestyle and wellbeing Consultation and Introductory offer available.
  • January 3,10,17,24-Start the year out with Healthy Hips. Learn creative ways for you to personally adapt the postures to get the most out of the stretch. And we go deeper!  Much of our emotional “baggage”  is energetically stored in our hips and we will gently release the tension with ease and grace to create safety and stability. We will also continue learning how to clean out the lower part of our system with an introductory 10 day Auyervedic Cleanse.  *Extra support is available for those individuals who would like to further the cleanse over 2-3 weeks
  • Feb 7,14,21,28-Breathe in the New Year! Whew, we made it through 12/12/12 and the over-expectations of January! Now, with a fresh breath, we connect with the heart, lungs and upper body. Breathing is a natural process of creating life and detoxifying the body. Our lungs are deeply connected to movement in the rib cage and shoulder girdle. Arms, hands, neck and head follow in the health and wellbeing of the upper spine.* Special SWEETHEART BONUS, bring a friend to our February 14th class and receive a special sweet smelling gift from DoTerra essential oils and everyone can enter for a FREE Aroma touch therapy session.
  • March 7,14,21,28- Knees ” if you please” More information to come in our SPRING Therapy INmotion workshop series at 

 Yoga for the Peaceful Woman Yoga for The Peaceful Woman workshop and  Retreat was created to inspire women to be powerful in their world, embrace their truths and support one another in their authentic voice. In this three hour workshop, we weave postures, breathing and Hawaiian chanting to open the body, mind and spirit to answer these important inquiries. The spirit of Aloha flows seamlessly as we share, laugh, and “Talk Story”.  Discover the joy and richness of what it means to be a peaceful woman in the world.  Great for all fitness levels. Dates TBD

Viniyoga, the art of adaptation
Viniyoga focuses on the individual and the classes include a flow which is a more personalized approach to a group yoga class. Here, people will learn how to adapt their postures for their particular body type, age, needs. I find that people really benefit when I teach this because it gives them permission to take care of their own injuries as well as to honor whatever stage of healing their body is in. True awareness.

T’ai Chi Chih , Joy Through Movement: Dates TBD
I can offer a certified training as well as a level 1,2 and 3 class series in T’ai Chi Chih, moving meditation. This can be taught in a series or several two hour classes.

SPECIAL  Health and wellness club series: Dates TBD

  • THE Breath and THE LIFT: Incorporating the yogic breath into weight training and lifting to deepen the meditative aspects of your training and the internal strengthening of core muscles.
  • En-Chanting your lift; Using yoga postures with weight training and sound ( deep vibrational vocals are like electric shock to the muscle groups) to accelerate and deepen the techniques.
  • lifting and stretching PROPerly ” why do we need a block?” I get this question all the time. I reply with “the block is your friend” So, make friends with your props in this workshop. The proper use can accelerate stretches while lifting weight or to support an area that needs a little help until it builds up.

FIVE nights of Musical “Om-ing” Dates TBD

We do a 2  hour yoga practice to great music, get all sweaty and just have a blast. Safer than other sweaty activities and we end in a final “OM” of bliss and gratitude. The original inspiration for the YogaFests! Enjoy this club scene of a different kind. Gotta have some fun in these serious “economic” times.  Included in this series is Rockin Yoga, Hip Hop Yoga and Disco Yoga, Jazz Yoga, and Classical Tai Chi Chih and Yoga.

I offer all these workshops to corporate wellness programs as well as to individual clubs and studios. Please contact me for further information and prices.