Agua de Ibiza hotel and island Feng Shui

Hi, all

Many adventures here on the island. Mostly eating alot. The Spanish food is heavy for me. No veges which is why I love the greens we buy at the grocery store for our evening meal. Today was the best day here! In the process of doing the web site and discussing the things I will do int he future, I did some research on the ecotourism industry. I have befriended the wonderful staff and I just interviewed the hotel manager and they are interested in introducing yoga into their spa program. I was actually planning to write an article for my blog site about the amazing feng shui and energy effiency of the hotel but …

That is what transpired. However, today is our last day so we will have to continue the discussion on skype or something. IDK, it is a start and it feels good to be moving in that direction.

I have been using the “chi” machine here at the hotel to help the digestive issues that seem to be developing. No surprise there. I have stopped eating for a day or two. How do the French and italian women do it? I know, Portions.

Carlo and I did some shopping in Ibiza yesterday and have eaten so much my pants don’t fit. Got some things for family and a sun dress for me made only from Ibiza. The island is rather rustic and wild and after two weeks, I am in feeling comfortable in this hotel. It has effected my energy on a weird level.

Went to my favorite cave on the cliff for my practice this morning. Too much wine last night but it was good Spanish wine. Going back to the rustic life of Montebelluna and will not have consistent e-mail access . The blog is on hold until I can put more pics in and more content. It is shaping up nicely, however and I am very pleased at the creation.

I had a dream last night that Keith and I were getting married again. We both knew it was for the second time and it just felt normal. But I was not excited. weird. We have both moved on? I was happy to see my family, though and Peg had put up feng shui mirrors all over the place to make it look bigger.

The dreams are plentiful as I use this trip and my friendship with the magician named Carlo. I feel like I am marrying myself. perhaps, finally. Doesn’t really need to be about anything more than that. We are here in the world to do something and be something and love something and to find meaning. I have been looking for at least 49 years and had the wind sucked out of me and got derailed for about 4 years. Now it is my time and looking forward to the discovery and giving life back to me and to all who can receive me.these blogs may be a bit out of sequence and I will continue to edit and and pictures and correct spelling when i have the time.

loads of love linda


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