Lost in Transtion

OK, I got it. I’m temporarily lost. In the dark without a flashlight. I feel off balanced and do not want to move to another place or ship boxes and make new friends and feel odd about returning to familiar faces and shy about the ones I have yet to meet. I’m done for the day in creating a sparkely, improved life for myself by physically relocating my job, home and always with the highest justification of “letting go of that which no longer serves…” I already need a vacation from this newest adventure and this is only one week into of my latest transition. I express all of this because even though I have a regular yoga practice, I still wake up every morning sharing the planet with real people like myself going through the same things.

Even now I can feel the charge begin to dissipate and I am mindful of my breath. I know that all I have to do is get on my mat and it will shift. That is the beauty of practice and purification of  the monkey mind, full of it’s story and drama. However, I also know that many of us are going through transitions and by sharing some of my frustrations with a sense of humor, insight and some years of wisdom, I  may help others…for the benefit of all beings.

Moving and change is stressful and what I’m going on about  is the part that most people don’t talk about when they make wonderful, exciting and positive changes in their lives. This is the flip side of the good news and wonderful opportunities and it can look many ways and have many different flavors depending on how much sleep you have had.

Today, mine just didn’t taste good at all and to make matters even more bitter, I was painfully aware that I created it all…and I am the only one responsible. The only one creating suffering, is me. Even as I recommit to ease and grace, I see a habitual pattern of drama and suffering.

What to say about transitions? …it is the only constant and in our flow of life, it is natural to connect one event to another. Nature has it hardwired into her  program and we call it “the seasons”. It is a normal process in moving from point A to B as my engineer dad would say. So what’s the big deal?

We resist. I resist and thus create suffering. We think it is supposed to be easy and that nothing unexpected will happen. That means we have a “story” of what is is supposed to look like and when it doesnt flow that way, it feels like…well however it feels. When I see that, I see just how crazy making it is and how unessary it is and how I have all the yoga tools to change it very quickly.

Want to join me? Want to find out ways to manage those transitions in your life that grab a hold of  the root of your hair and then swing you around just enough for you to realize its your own hand?

Good. I have some things to share because apparently I have been studying this topic for the last 5 years on a very consistent basis. I also want to hear what you have to say as well. Between us, I know we can come up with solid ways for all of us to manage and even enjoy those little things like misplaced car keys….( you know what I am talking about) as well as those big events that completely alter our reality. I know a few things about that as well.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Lost in Transition.


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