Mainland firsts and other odd behavior-part one

I am slowly getting a rhythm here on the “THIS land” ( This is your land, this is my land….) I have been in one place now for 6 days and it feels so good. Thank you, everyone who has made it possible for me to actually have a place to stay before this final house sitting gig. I have new observations on most things or as I call it, my odd mainland behavior. You can read more about my “Lost in Transition” blog but here are some of my celebrated ” firsts”back on mainland.

1. I was so excited that regular gas was so inexpensive. I then realized that no one in Marin actually uses regular gasoline for their Mercedes and so gas is as expensive as Maui. I nevah knew!

2. I went to Target to buy Flannel PJs in April. The sales person thought I was nuts. She was wearing a strapless dress and flip flops. I was in a leather coat, scarf, gloves and boots. I have been so cold, especially at night here in Northern Ca.

3. I got out of Target on the Saturday before Easter for under $20. I was unsupervised and I still passed up the PEEPS! I did have to stay in the right lane all the way home because I couldn’t make myself go over 55 miles an hour. ( I don’t dare entertain a Costco run just yet)

4. Had to have some fish for dinner. Mahi, Mahi was 17.99 a pound, FRESH! Yeah, and what do they call FRESH?

5. My headstand this morning was a bit kapakai. I have not been in the water “cross crawling” to integrate my body now for over a month. Right and left side integration is a little differen,  land locked. This is the hardest transition. I did make it to the local YMCA for a mouthful of chlorine and a foggy goggle lap swim, however. That felt OK. I have also been taking a lot of salt water baths before I go to bed.

6. I turn the heat off at night because that makes sense when you live on an island. Only after talking to someone about the temperature and energy savings for my new job,  did I realize that it was odd to wear a wool cap to bed. She laughed and called me Ebeneezer.

After almost 3 years in the jungles living as much as a yogi hermit as a white girl from Chicago can I can honestly say, I am odd. But tomorrow is another day and although I believe I have found a great part-tine job opportunity, tomorrow is Easter. Peeps or not.

That is for now. More to come as I continue to integrate and missing you all but really, nothing is missing. love, love


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