Missing the Mastery

As I inquire into my own moments of mastery, I begin to see where my ego has wanted to “accomplish” something. My family mantra is “a good day is a productive day” and I have been true to that my whole conditioned life…until now.

Yesterday, I completed writing 99% of my business plan/ outline for my new website. The whole process felt like a little bit of fun and a LOT of labor.  I had to look at why I was not feeling any magic in the hours of sitting at my desk in this creation.  I also recognized all those thoughts of “not good enough” creeping in and after 6 hours, decided to crawl into bed with the question of , what was I missing?

Under my covers, I made a big decision. I decided to shift my awareness, from productivity and misery to one of mastery and mystery. What mysterious ways was my inner muse going to create in the morning? In the next moment?…and the next and the next…So, I was up at 1:30 AM full of energy to write the next portion of my plan. After a short asana practice, I wrote for three hours, went back to sleep, up again at 7:30 am and completed my document within another three hours. Now, that felt good! I even ” high fived” my yellow wall in recognition of my first conscious experience in mastery.

As I look back, it is a bit of a WOW! No ego conversation, just being in the moment of what my body was calling me to do. This process was close to impossible and all the fun was missing when my ego got into the conversation and yet by bringing my awareness to a shift in focus and attention, I changed the direction of my attitude and completed something I have been chewing on for almost a year.  Sometimes a simple shift can be…simply mysterious. Thanks Jennifer and your inspirational blogs on yoga in the world at www.oneyogalove.com


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