Mud Pie T’ai- Spiritual Detox

linda-mudThe mud baths were my favorite ritual. First, they smell amazing. Like Fresh Cow manure in Iowa only without the smell. What that boils down to is fresh earth. Good and sweet enough to eat. We drank the water and sat in the mud. heavenly therapeutic. And how is this for a definition of beauty…..
The Hot Springs of Bormio (from 37° to 43° C – 99° F to 109° F) are chemically classifiable as including sulphate, alkaline and earth, with light traces of radon and have detoxifying, anti-stress, toning, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties for a complete return to form. And to return to form, does that mean pre-birth? or pre-form like the aliens that Carlo and I really are? We did notice the complete epithelial exfoliation which renders the skin smooth and velvet-like. Whether they cured the mud like they cure their ham, doesn’t matter. It was awesome and the combination of smooth silk and smooth dry…well, I couldn’t tell the difference.
The mud is also used to help treat osteoarthrosis, rheumatism, periarthritis, back and joint aches and pains where there is no inflammation. The muds are famous for there active enzymes that eat away dead skin cells. Aside from the fact that the color of the mud was very complimentary to my eyes and I wore it well, I do feel and look about 10 years younger. The options are to soak in the mud water, bake in the sun or air dry. It was far too cold to air dry so after covering myself head to toe in mud, I stepped into the one of two outdoor saunas. Fortunately there were few people there since it was the beginning of the week. It was not very hot and so to get closer to the fan I had to stand up and dry. well, I thought, as long as I was standing up to air dry, I might as well do some movement like…you guessed it. Tai Chi Chih. IT was incredible! I have a new definition of moving through very heavy air! How about bringing awareness to the tantien as the mud crackles in your belly button as it dries and cakes! It was pretty comical. No one was there and I moved as the mud dried. I looked like a swamp monster out of the deep lagoon, covered in mud with a polka dot two piece peeking underneath. When one has found “serenity in the midst of activity”, who cares how muddy it is! A few people paused at the door and then came in. Somehow, I imagined that if I could not speak the language, they couldn’t really see me. Just like a kid “if I cant see you, you can’t see me”!. Now that’s funny.

Fortunately, Carlo chose to keep his dignity and stayed in the mud until we both had had enough of our skin being eaten away and we rinsed off and traveled to the next pool to relax in the lawn chairs submerged underwater. ( wouldn’t that make them pool chairs?)


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