On top, it’s all smokey and smooth as Panna Cotta

pannacottaToday, Saturday, although threatening rain, proved to be a perfectly sunny day. We headed up to the top of the Dolomites this time and the pics are amazing. It got progressively more cloudy as we approached 4000 feet but as perfect as any “Sound of music” mountain top you have ever seen. And then we saw snow through the fog. I have not smelled snow in about three years. It was exciting. I was not expecting snow with my fashionable Keen sandals and cotton socks but went out in it anyway and soaked my feet. ( Dave, I know, Cotton Kills!) Pretty much of a “pea souper” but the clouds began to clear and what opened up was astounding and the views were amazing.

lick-plateWe found the sought after hillside cafe and Carlo introduced me to Pannecotta and OMG!!!!! It has surpassed pastry for me. It is world famous and people come from Venice just for the creamy treat.We were joined by bikers who had just traveled up about two hours to the cafe and all they wanted was wine or coffee. No water. go figure about blood alcohol content in high altitudes while operating a moving vehicle!! I was ecstatic with my dessert in front of the fire all warm and cozy with frozen feet. It was heaven and it was the happiest I have been since leaving California. I literally licked my plate clean and enjoyed the warmth in my belly and the cushy vanilla, but not, cool feeling as it all slid down my throat. Mine was chocolate, of course and Carlo had fresh berries. It is made from the cows on the mountain. Which is what makes it world famous. I have a video to capture the moment.
From there we traveled down the mountain side and found another restaurant known for its Ricotta pie. It was not opened, officially but the woman lead us back into her kitchen for some fresh cheese. It is still too cold for the cows to graze close to the restaurant where they make the ricotta so this home made cheese will have to do. A huge chunk for only 3E or about 4.25 us. This was as cute if not cuter than the last cottage and the views were spectacular. We continued down the mountain now, in the rain and were grateful we had made it a morning trip. Back in Montebelluno we then stopped for a lunch of fresh pizza with smoked Ricotta and zucchini. I have now realized portion control and gave Carlo half of mine…only to retreive about 1 quarter of it back. It was soo good. After that we came home and took a snooze. A two hour power nap which was divine.


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