River a-walkin a rollin cannoli

Carlo has taken me to several amazing nature spots in the last two days. Friday we traveled to the river basin. This would be the River or REEERevvvver. FiumFrumpve. The water comes off the Dolomite mountains and is very clear. On the way to the rivers edge to visit some old boyhood haunts, we walked through this magical forest.

carlo-and-donkey2It was all green and spring time and the only thing missing was Thumper, Snow White and Bambi! Seriously, It was unbelievable. There were little creeks, goats with bells on, burrows that nibbled your heels, little cottages and all was just blooming spring.

Then at the rocky waters edge,we had a contest as to who could put their feet in the water for the longest. I won! Good thing niether of us are not competitive…NOT

cold-feetThen we went further up the mountain for some major hiking. I definatly needed a hike because I am soooo seriously falling in love with all of the food. After the hike, we went to market back in town and Carlo prepared a simple meal of fresh ( that would be caught in the river that day) Branzino fish with a lite salad. We are both creating a little more health for ourselves since the food in Ibiza was so heavy…and very little on the vegee side.

To finish our meal we both had a fresh Cannoli and mouse whipped “Athenas nipple” chocolate kind of thing pastry from the Paticheria. That was heavenly. Then we watched some Italian news and the Heist with

Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery over dubbed in Italian.


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