T’ai Chi Chih Workshop Wonder filled to capacity!!!

Saturday at the Bay Club Marin saw 27 eager students learn a new form of moving the Chi-or life force and we could hardly fit more people in the room for the workshop. “I feel a little tingly in my fingers…is that OK?” was one of the comments. We rocked the motion and flapped the birds wings for two whole hours. ” We didn’t really need a break” was another…. there was so much to learn! Yes and that is why there is an ongoing class and also privates for those who do not want to miss a session. “It is so easy” and yet so subtle and powerful. The practice is an internal metabolic balancer and I demonstrated that with the 6 healing sounds. Practice is the key word and Thursday evenings from 6:15-7:30 will send your energy into your Friday and into your weekend. Don’t miss it.  Should we have another workshop to feel that good space within?  I think so , we could hardly get through all the movements. I hope people slept Saturday night because the room heated up a bit with all the Chi moving around. But more importantly is that about 10 people stayed another 1/2 hour beyond the workshop time. They couldn’t get enough and we were able to do the whole practice one more time. Such a joy and a privilege. We really had fun so if you missed it, come on and join us on Thursday evenings 6:15-7:30, Bay Club Marin and you will begin to see a  little synchronicity and joy in your life that no doubt, was meant to be there for your life. Thanks to all!



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