What they got out of Yoga for the Peaceful Woman on retreat…

Your yoga teaching during my passage was very very helpful.  At first I didn’t think I needed it since it’s way early for me, but after the first day, I looked forward to it because I realized that it was exactly what I needed to get myself in the energy and space for the day’s adventure.  You were very conscious of our body alignment and movement so it made the class very powerful.  Adding to that, you gave us the initial opening to the day’s Hawaiiana energy and teaching before our exploration day started and that helped me center that in my body all day long.   Yoga at the beach was incredibly fun!  I love your enthusiasm and lightness and still get the job done, and done well.  Thank you for being a part of my unfolding in body and mind during my May Passage.  love love love u!

Joy P.  Boise, ID  thenakedfeminine.com

“I really enjoyed your yoga classes, Linda. I felt at-ease, and I always came away energized. I found your teaching style to be energetic, responsive, and strong! I believe you saw my whole body — internal and external — which is both a gift and a skill. And I appreciated that you tailor-made our classes so each day had flow and relevance. You incorporated concepts into energy, and I was able to call those concepts into my body – thank you!

Tessa Hoffman Institute, CA

I feel blessed to have touched so many on an energetic level and here is what they have to say…

The one unique feeling of Linda Prosche’s yoga class is her way of bringing you “into the center” of that shared feeling. Everyone’s movements becomes into sync as she uses her skills on you.I always love her classes.

Ron Rick Designer/Artist

“Linda teaches from her heart, with her soul, and if you were lucky enough to experience her 2009 New Year’s Day class for charity, you know exactly what I mean. Linda integrates many Yoga traditions into her practice, including the energizing and healing ViniYoga, and transitions wonderfully from one posture to another. Hours later, I still had my “yoga buzz” which felt great! Linda’s class stills your mind, opens your heart, and allows you to give in to the beauty of all that Yoga is.”

Kim J.-Yoga teacher, Entrepreneur

“I love the outdoors and strive to spend as much time participating in activities that allow me to enjoy mother nature, so, I had much reservation about practicing any fitness program indoors. However, after ‘trying out’ many yoga classes, I discovered Linda’s Power Yoga Class and made a commitment to practice with her and other yogis’ twice a week. Last week, I was absolutely overwhelmed with excitement to realize how much of an impact it was making with my outdoor activities. I went cross-country skiing with other “more advanced” skiiers and much to my delight, I excelled in my technique, power and speed over them. I proudly announced that I was subtly incorporating my yoga techniques which allowed me to not only perform with increased strength and balance, but to enjoy it so much more! What an amazing and fun revelation. Now, if i could increase my practice to three days a week, I may be ready for the ‘gold’! ”
Susan M. Yoga-Nautilus Health Club

“I really appreciated your yoga classes. You were so attentive and generous with each individual. It was a delight to be in your yoga class! I miss your class very much! I’ve found that a lot of teachers actually don’t care so much about their students, which was very eye-opening, and some don’t even give warnings of possible injuries during poses that should have them! I miss your personal nurturing spirit and how wonderful I felt after the classes. It was so relaxing like stepping into a warm bubble bath. Your class actually helped me through two injuries – the car accident and the snowboarding accident. If you’re ever in Hawaii, let me know!
Varsha G.,-Dominican University Student

“I just wanted to say how very much I’m enjoying your T’ai Chi Chih classes and how much I feel I’m learning. Your teaching style seems as effortless and flexible as the spirit of Tai Chi itself and it seems to me it’s not such an easy subject to teach. I can imagine many people would be able to “share” what they were experiencing and show others how to make the movements, but to “teach” involves not only this, but also an empathic awareness of what your students are doing. Plus, you seem to have an ability to hold all this “awarenesses” in yourself at the same time and communicate what you want the student to know. Added to this, your enthusiasm and delight in awareness gives me some new dimensions to the meaning of “joy” in “Joy through Movement”. So many thanks for your classes; I look forward to each one.
One happy student, Roz S. TCC-Golds Gym

“I find working with Linda Prosche´ to be a truly unique experience. As a life long student of body mechanics and movement training with professionals in sports and dance, I find working with Linda adds huge value to my success. If you are looking for core and flexibility training in a fun, safe and positive environment that is also unique, a yoga class taught by Linda is a creative, spontaneous journey that is different each time. Not scripted, and yet all that she presents is acutely applicable. In one on one sessions Linda is able to intuitively see and explain in a more organic way how you can improve by going deeper within, Linda’s training in breathing and internal energy force awareness will help you obtain what ever your health goals are. Whether in a group setting or private session I highly recommend working with Linda Prosche´.”
Tom R-Biker/yogi/TCC teacher

I recently had an opportunity to attend a fascinating tai chi class at northgate.  amanda discovered this resource and brought it aboard about 2 months ago.  the program is flourishing.  the instructor teaches an adapted form of tai chi which includes only 19 very simple movements, designed for those who must remain seated.  participation on the resident level is suprising and positive!  family members and some staff are begin to drift into the program, as well.  during the class which i audited, one resident’s wife attended with him.  their journey through his long decline has been very difficult for her and her engagement in the class was both heartening and positive.  this program is giving her tools which she can use for both herself and in her more difficult moments with her husband.  there was also one move which i believe may be a good behavioral intervention…i’m still testing it and will let you know.

i’d encourage you to consider a program of this type, if only on an experimental basis!  if you’re interested, call amanda (415-479-1230) and discuss it with her.  the instructor, linda, is interested in taking this program into other long term care settings.

Chris- Director-Northgate long term care center

” feel most grateful that you were my first exposure to T’ai Chi Chih, as I learned enough in the first class to enable me to pick up more of the movements in a later class…I believe that you have a rare gift as a teacher. Many people are good at using their knowledge, but being able to pass on one’s knowledge effectively so that other people can really learn is a refreshing thing to encounter. I look forward to becoming a more efficient and relaxed practitioner of the art of T’ai Chi Chih under your expert guidance.”
Joan W. TCC- Elephant Pharmacy

I attended a Tai Chi class workshop taught by Linda Prosche. My experience was absolutely phenomenal.  I had never done Tai Chi before and I learned so much. Being the beginner that I am, Ms. Prosche’s teaching technique was nice, as it was easy for me to follow.   Ms. Prosche’s knowledge of Tai Chi is a given. As I have several injuries, Ms. Prosche was sensitive to that and I never felt uncomfortable.   I learned an incredible amount and would be in regular attendance of her class, if my job did not interfere with the time.

Lori Milbridge- Manager – Bay Club Marin

“I have been taking instruction in Yoga, three class hours a week for several years now with, in all, several different instructors. Over the last few years, Ms Prosche has been my instructor roughly one third of the time. So my experience with her instruction is considerable and I can say with confident certitude that she is the best instructor I have experienced.
At the conclusion of any one of her classes, I have never failed to feel that I have made good progress, and more importantly, that I have enjoyed the experience of her instruction more than with any other instructor and with, if anything, greater sense of advancement in my practice.
The principal reasons that I feel this way are, first, how clearly and understandably she explains the Asanas (postures) and tells us how we are to position our limbs and our bodies. In so doing, she also gives understanding and meaning to the sensations we experience.
Perhaps most importantly, she teaches us how this all works to achieve the conformity of breath, body, and spirit that is the gift of the practice.

And finally, it must be added, that she delivers her instruction with a serenity and warmth – and even an occasional touch of humor – that makes us comfortable and lightens any feeling of discomfort that some of us may experience in striving for better form. In sum, I could not more heartily recommend anyone else to be an instructor and teacher of Yoga.”
John C-Retired Physicist, 80 years young