Bagni Vecchi Hot Springs: caves for the Yoga Soul

mud-bath-out-windowWe have been here in Bormio for at least three days and I am finding it hard to find the words to describe the experience.The hotel is grand, a 5 star choice that we were able to book at half the price which includes breakfast. I feel very much at home. I am discovering the healing properties of anything made from wood under my yoga feet. A very different sensation from the travertine tiles of the previous two weeks. All the floors in the place are wood with the exception of the marble and granite stone work throughout the thermal pools. Somehow it is easier for me to be inspired to do my yoga practice. For those from the Midwest, this hotel reminds me a bit ( small bit) of the Mackinaw hotel only as a destination resort. Bagni di Bormio was renovated in 1836 and much of the origianl paintings are in place, so check out the gallery of photos if you like at

Seriously, look at this place. We did some hiking yesterday to see the old/original spa and today we actually got a ride up the hill in our bathrobes to experience the actual cave. This is the Baggni Vecchi. although not as “spa” like in a western sense, it was cool

The cave was well, a cave. I am not sure how they did this but the steam from the waters creates a natural sauna as well and the seats are carved right into the stone. These Roman baths have been famous from the first century B.C., the Medieval baths, the Imperial baths and the Saint Martin Grotto that leads to one of the springs right in the heart of the mountain.

Carlo did take me the last day there to see the original source of the spring. Just magical!

the scenery from the outside pool is even more beautiful because this hotel is higer up the mountain. enough excitement for one afternoon so we went back down the mountain, had some chocolate and took our afternoon nap


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