Transtional Cat Wisdom

Here I am, three weeks into my transition from Maui life to Mainland life. I completed the yoga therapist training on Mount Madonna in the first two weeks, as planned and traveled through Northern California with a stop in East Bay for a couple of days. Now I am at Lake Tahoe. I would like to say all is fabulous and I am excited about my new adventures and I will and I am and then there is the other side.

I certainly expected to feel a bit uprooted, out of the ordinary routine of my life, however, I didn’t plan on feeling like I just landed on another planet. I keep referring to ” A stranger in a strange land” because It feels so odd. Unusually sensitive and alert, I feel like there was a microchip planted in my head and whoever is in charge ( clearly not me)  has not updated the program.

So, once I touched down in San Jose and traveled to the retreat center at Mount Madonna, it took me about 4 days to just feel my hovering feet on the ground. And then when I did and looked down, I saw I still had my flip flops on! Even as the rain began in the Santa Cruz mountains and the wind blew me around…it took me two more days to change my shoes and put on my waterproof jacket. Now that is some strong habit energy!

So now I am at Incline Village, Nevada, over looking the magnificent lake. I am feeling only slightly more grounded in the woods of these native trees and granite rock. And I have created some quiet time to reflect and integrate from the many places I have dragged my self and luggage over the last several weeks.

On my walk this morning, a cat crossed my path and I was reminded of my own two cats,  Abbott and Romona. I remembered when my husband and I moved from Chicago to California back in 2000 and we enjoyed our driving adventure cross country. When we picked the cats up from their plane ride a week later, they were clearly not very happy with their version of the adventure. “Cat attitude”, the vet told us and suggested we keep them in one room, together, for a week to help with their transition. It was so cute how Romona found a place to “ball” up in the corner of the closet and Abbott decided to become the smallest 20lb cat to fit under the covers in the middle of our queen sized bed. That was rather funny, actually. On the second day after their arrival,  we ran out of food decided to switch them to some new“organic” cat food…Marin style. Unfortunately, that was not the best digestive idea and I quickly went back to the grocery store and got the food they were accustom to. I should have known better. I marveled at how their natural instincts, although a bit odd, took care of them and finally after three weeks, they emerged as furry balls of love once again.

So I thought, why should I respond any differently then my cats did through their transition? Even though I seemingly have a larger brain, I was feeling just as freaked out. There was a difference, however.  I talked about it to relieve some of the discomfort and rationalized the mind chatter with Sanskrit translation and Sutra explanation.  But even with all that human response, I was still displaying some similar behaviors.

This insight actually gave me some awareness and relief from the suffering I was experiencing. It allowed me to recognize the high level of dis-ease I was feeling on all levels. I was grateful for my yoga tools but realized I could add some “cat wisdom” for a little more ease and grace. With the highest vibration of cat attitude, I share this wisdom with you…

Transitional Cat Wisdom:

1. Hide under the covers-Get more sleep than you normally would.
2. Eat good, simple food- Keep it as close to your own diet, BT ( before transition).
3. Be around people who you love and who love you– Even if you pull a little “attitude”  they will understand. Then love them back even more.
4. Allow yourself some odd behavoir-Laugh at yourself when you notice it and if you can’t, go back to number 1.

This wisdom has made a big difference in the compassion I hold for myself through this time. Even though I am heading into new opportunities, there are just some things that are unknown and weird and it helps to have a few more tools in my bag. One of my teachers at the training said this about transitions….”They spotlight the habit energies you would not normally see in your day to day life routine. It can become a tapas of purification if you are aware”.

May all your transitions be this insightful to your practice of living yoga and I look forward to hearing about how you make your way through.

Much aloha,



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