What is a peaceful woman? Day-8 Thankgodasana for joy!

The inspirational insight of yesterday was, well, inspirational. I felt it today as I walked into a room of 10 yoga students. My heart jumped. The largest class yet since I started two months ago!  I was so inspired to teach and here is what I learned….

Because they gave of themselves, all 10 of them, they inspired me to give back. 10 people and I gifted 2 students with a free class. I say that for no other reason than if 10 had not showed up, it would not have felt so natural to give back.

What they got was  an awesome core class, breath awareness and some delightful insights from their teacher. What I received was satisfaction transformed into peace.

And the peace I am feeling around this abundance is actually transforming into joy. And that, my friends is really who spirit is through me. Call it whatever variation of peaceful you want, in whatever “yoga teacher” package you feel the need to put me or it in…..It all rolls into delight wrapped in a bundle of joy. Today I feel the blessings of my practice and my teachers and Thankgodasana for a sense of humor divinely channeled.

Mahalo, LInda
This is your place. Is this your peace?


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