What is a peaceful woman? Day 6-Greens, Greens,

Tonight I am tired. I ate steamed broccoli  for breakfast. A gallon of lemon, ginger water, for lunch and a green shake for dinner and when the chocolate was offered, I declined. Not because I needed to, but because I was satisfied in my belly and I wanted to go to bed. I was simply not wanting chocolate.

This may not seem like a big deal to most but for me to refuse chocolate, let me clarify, to have a choice about chocolate means that my body is once again coming into balance. That even through I was tired, I did not crave the big brown monster.

OOOOH, this is peace for me. I am happy that my body is healing from the three months of MASSIVE change, awesome coffee, even better chocolate!  I was hoping at 50 it would still find its balance.

Want to see if it works for you?  If you want to alkalanize your system and balance out the excess, eat a ton of water rich foods. Lots of vegees. Even more water. Get that stuck fat moving and increase your metabolism. It is OK if you feel tired. The body is ridding itself of toxins and is not interested in creating an anti-peace march in your bloodstream. Let it go and be free and peaceful!

Malaho, LInda

This is your place, is this your peace?


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