What is a peaceful woman?-I give Thongs-Day11

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This morning, I practiced my ritual to awaken to the gratitude of being a spiritual being having a human experience. I powered the laptop to write my blog for the 29 days of expression and I found the perfect inspiration. A typo!

I know the writer meant thanks, but what was written was “I give thongs!”, Oh, this was too rich for a gratuitous Sunday…I could not get past the first sentence!

How does one give thongs? I have so much to say on this one but I will be brief (pun intended)

As a yoga teacher and therapist, I see a lot of things when people are not looking. It is my job. The job of awareness. In a full classroom, I look over a sea of downward facing dogs and watch, one by one, the single fabric straps peeking out to straddle two mounds of flesh. I find amusement in the landscape but mostly I feel discomfort…in this moment. I just cannot help but squirm on the inside between my own two cheeks.

This is my truth of being aware of underwear.

I imagine it as a new yoga prop for stimulation to encourage the Mula Bhanda or root lock. Go ahead, “Lock it up sista”, is what I feel like saying. But instead I gently say, “Exhale and draw the belly up and in at the lowest awareness point in the spine”. Yeah, right. Breath into Breath, moment into moment and all I really think is, “OUCH”!

Maybe it should really be marketed as underwear for the under-aware!

Yes, I would give my thongs but I got rid of all of mine about 10 years ago.
I still say,” commando” and am a firm believer in the anti- panty line crusade for women of all ages. However, as I grow older my views are softening. The VPL and technology have married over the last decade to satisfy the aging boomers bottoms.

Now, I am finding a market place offering no seam underwear.

So, I give thanks and thongs to this new option. Since yoga, for me is about cultivating awareness to act in choice, I have some new freedom around being more aware of my underwear and choosing a higher truth…..in the moment.

Mahalo, Linda
This is your place. Is this your peace?


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