What is a peaceful woman?-Life works the rest out-Day10

OOPS! Where is my discipline? Where is “My Practice”? How could I forget a day and not at least write something! Where is my integrity?

That is the creative expression of the old brain. The survival brain. The one that cannot see the grace in all things working for the higher good.

It is also the expression of the old sacrum that contracts at the first smell of criticism, danger and anger.

Lastly, it is the old hurt of a heart who has not found forgiveness in being human. For not having control over life’s’ situations and choosing relationship with another over written blog on a page.

The important thing here is choice. Choice in expressing, hearing and feeling it all and choosing the correct decision in the moment. There are consequences and the result of missing a day of blogging is that I get to see my pattern in front of me. My life in the metaphoric picture of words shows me where my personal growth is growing to. Where my awareness tool can sharpen.

I am aware. I am writing and keeping my commitment. I have integrity and I have a heart full of forgiveness in the moment of safety and understanding that all things happen in their own right time. We set the intentions and then step into the practice. Life works the rest out.

Mahalo, Linda
This is your place. Is this your peace?


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