What is a peaceful woman? My choice, My movie-D9

Today I slept in until 8am. A typical day finds me up at the grumbled whir of the upstairs apartment blender around 5:30am. Today, I managed to sleep through that.

I awoke with a smile, sans blender and a left over experience of a lovely dream with the movie theme of : A summer picnic for two lovers.

Instantly the mind kicked in and overtook the feeling to analyze the after effect of the memory.

Hmm… the ego kicked in to stake its claim with an alternative judgment: ‘It’s just a dream, no big deal”.

The feeling or the “witness” watched it all and for a small aware moment made a choice to enjoy the experience for as long as it could. I felt at peace and independent of the analysis, judgment and past experiences that were forcing themselves into the periphery of senses.

Yes, it was a dream and it was also my creation on some consciousness level.

Sometimes, in the dream state I can choose to change my dream. Most of us have had this experience at some time or another. This time, however, upon awakening I chose to sustain a feeling from that dream. How cool was that?

If I can do that in the waking state, why not continue in that awareness all day?

My mind once again took a look and said, “you can” and I did.

I can choose the interpretation, the feeling and the creation of my dream much like I can create my own waking reality. My choice, my movie.

Mahalo, Linda
This is your place, is this your peace?


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