What is a Peaceful Woman? The adventures of Notch Oddner- Day 16

I love you, Notch Oddner

Notch Oddner is my creative muse. He is a “he” in a she body-named ME! (You can quote me on that one!) I just met him this afternoon!
Rachel Flower, helped facilitate this introduction through a process called Senssoma. She has an extraordinary innate gift as a traveler through the senses and was able to help me unearth this creative fellow. It was fun!

I know some superficial things about him, like he wears a lot of Glenn Plaid, and is the caretaker of all things odd and unusual that keep my mind occupied…in a really good way. You could even say, “an appropriate use of the mind”.

All the emotional sensing I have been doing over the last couple of weeks finally gave way to an inquiry of the odd. It was a way for my mind to jump track and stop, even for just a moment, a little bit to the left of expected and underneath the “norm”. In that short moment and with the detachment necessary for observation, I fell in love with Notch.

I was able to experience his uniqueness and embrace his charm, unexpected wit, intelligence and keen awareness of the absurd. I think that would include humor. I discovered he had the ability to quickly gauge the situation and make sure both Rachel and I felt included and entertained. (I would invite him to a party any day!)

What a gift! And to make peace with this lad was the best use of my active mind to date. ( I suppose I would date him too).

Mahalo, Linda
This is your place. Is this your peace?


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