What is a peaceful woman? Time is man made- Day 15

Starbucks Headquarters, Seattle. A siren watching over time

This is true, If I look in the history books, Time is as ancient as the Vedas and it is not stated that it was a man who invented the calendar but It was a German man called Peter Henlein who invented the clock in 1510. In 1577, Jost Burgi invented the minute hand and now I wonder….who is Father Time? It was one big boys club.
What if a woman had created the first time piece or…Time for peace?

There you have it. What would it mean to be at peace with time? With the hour hand creeping along? The second hand sweeping past? This is rich with meaning and you don’t have to go but a millisecond to find more.

In that periphery way I have of observing things I ponder, “what does it mean to make peace with time?” Here are my top ten responses:

1. Aging would be a non issue.
2. Schedules would be fluid.
3. No one would be late for dinner.
4. Everything would get done “just in time” and that timing would be “perfect”.
5. Procrastination would be like pupus. (Little things done before the main course)
6. There would be no “getting there first” but being “right on time”.
7. “Time will tell”…would have nothing to say.
8. Timing really would be the ONLY thing.
9. You would not need to “watch the clock” because seconds would never matter.
10. You would never be on time so you might as well just give it up.

Now, I will never miss another blogging deadline again!

Mahalo, Linda
This is your place. Is this your peace?


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