What is a peaceful woman? Wallowing in allowing-Day 13

God, I am relentless in my search for my truth, Obsessive in my addiction to over turn each rock, one by one. Aching at the joints from carrying the load of expectation that one day…soon, It will all be perfect and I will know myself.

In this act of seeking, nothing feels like “a good time,” let alone a peaceful evening! Crazymaking would be a more appropriate word. Where is the peace? Where is the expansiveness in the night sky?

” Just invite it in” was my friends suggestion last night up at the observatory. ” open your arms and allow it”

And I did. In fact, all that night and into today.

I figure I had done my work, I had said my prayers and it was time for me to let go of the hunt and allow the feast.

In the past, when I am able to observe this phenomonen, I have called it surrender. A letting go and an experience of momentary peace. That would all be fine except in the next moment….I would find myself grabbing on to the next thing.

In wallowing in the allowing, an ongoing flow is beginning to happen. It is a continuous moment by moment and like a spiritual pig, I am going to enjoy each moment by moment connected by an occasional snort.

Mahalo, Linda
This is your place. Is this your peace?


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