What is The Baptiste Method of Yoga?

yellow-flowerThe purpose of this dynamic system of mind/body fitness is to stretch, strengthen and purify the muscles of your mind as well as those of your body. The class is based on a series of traditional time-tested Hatha Yoga postures [asanas] held in accurate alignment, giving full range of motion of muscles, bones and joints, as well as learning to develop and control a deeper breathing pattern. The Baptiste Method of Yoga, a system developed over many years, includes not only Hatha Yoga, but a variety of old and new skills for accessing and sustaining mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

With Your commitment, this system delivers change and you will discover greater energy vitality, and vigor. class is energetic and active yet suited to all levels of personal fitness. You will learn to work within whatever level of proficiency you bring. The main thrust of this class is to bring about a transformation of the physical body. Through inspiration, perspiration and hard work, we relieve stress, sculpt muscles develop flexible, supple bodies and inspire a greater sense of calm.

Yoga is the gym for your spirit….the perfect counterbalance for stress.


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