100_0573Since I am an ever changing human, my style seems to shift and ebb as I do. The consistent thread to my teaching, however is always the intention of breath and awareness.  My group classes are a Vinyasa style inspired by this ever present breath. Within this context, I include many therapeutic adaptations using Viniyoga principals and over 20 years of education and experience to move things along.  I keep a close eye on alignment and  there is always an intention for healing and connection. I teach from my roots with a sense of midwest humor surrounded by compassion and intelligence. This keeps our time together very real.

The Private Yoga Therapy sessions move deeper with a specific focus on your particular needs. Ideally, my clients book several sessions that are further supported by the on-going group classes. This ensures one on one attention to specific needs, postures, injuries and alignment which empowers confidence in a larger class setting.

I serve and inspire people in transition, who have specific health concerns, chronic illness and everyday lifestyle dramas.  Together we co-create what I call…the YOGA cure. I attract students of all ages and guide each one into a magic space for healing. Whether you are a professional athlete, retired executive or want to deepen into your own personal practice, once you understand how the breath can mobilize the spine, you will begin to feel a shift. When you can do it “your way” in the safe space we create together, a new world opens up in just one breath. The breath is essential and the magic that happens between the inhale and exhale is individual and transformative.

My yoga teachings have helped many types of sports injuries as well as chronic illnesses, depression and cancer. My practice has dramatically deepened with the death of my husband through brain cancer which has redirected my path to serving others who are dealing with the effects of chemotherapy. I know what it takes to nutritionally help the body heal and I know how to help you find quiet time even on the busiest days. Sure, I can create awesome bodies with a strong asana practice and  I can also help you calm the mind with a simple chant. All of this is available using the many ancient practices creatively re-interpreted for todays culture and lifestyle.

It is my commitment and honor to take my gifts as a teacher, speaker and empower you towards your own growth. This is really the essence of my teaching and the path that has opened before me for others to join is that of transformation.  I believe yoga CAN cure that which separates us from our optimal health and wellness connection. Intention is only the beginning.